Parting Ways

I hate to say it, but I'm done here. I've been a part of this community for 3 years. Up until now, I've stayed out of the nonsense that has happened during tekxit but I've come to the conclusion that The Tek is a lost cause. I stayed quiet and hopeful the last few weeks, but the icing on the cake was getting banned from the forums for 2 days by a brand new moderator who disagreed with an opinion I had about a cell phone (of all things) and he refused to acknowledge that it was even my opinion. There appears to be zero accountability in their finances and actions.

It has been a good 3 years of being an active contributing member of the community and I enjoyed financially supporting The Tek from time to time, but all good things come to an end and unfortunately The Tek is nothing but a turd at this point.

Thank you to those in the community that made this a great place. It was fun while it lasted.


So that means we can find you on LTT?


I believe Phantom is one of the OG mods?

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well Wendell will hopefully be taking over the site or making a new one stay a bit and see what happens?

Dunno, his account said it was new. I also don't really care at this point. That was only the icing on the cake. The community is dying and I'd rather not be involved in the strife.

Ha, maybe. He is a little goofy, but who knows maybe I'll grow to like him?

Community ain't dying. Community is getting ready to close up shop and follow Wendell-Senpai.

Don't go all rage-quitty on us just yet. Abandon ship by jumping onto Wendell's speedboat, not onto the uncommonly classy and wealthy piece of driftwood that is LTT.


The Church of Wendell shall rise


Phantom is an OG

It's the person behind the account that matters, this is like his 3rd account

Sad to see you go. Best of luck out there in the wilds.

The suspension was unfortunate. What's also unfortunate is that you were not aware that you are always free to talk to us about moderator actions, and they will be reviewed. We've done this in the past, sometimes even openly in a forum discussion. I think we may be one of the few places that do that. We are not perfect, so feedback is welcome from anyone about how we try to moderate the forums.

In saying that, I looked at what transpired between you and @Phantom, I can't say I completely disagree with his choice of action, you were becoming increasingly hostile with every reply. In retrospect an official warning privately may have been the better course of action in the first instance, as I've no idea what set you off on that downward spiral. One of the things we also try to do is to have another moderator act on an issue if the moderator is involved in the conversation, but this isn't always feasible.

The last thing i'll say as part of the community, the community is not the tek nor tek syndicate. In whatever form we take we will continue.

Either way good luck in your travels in the wilds of the net.

  1. The community isn't dying... only the "tek" in it's previous form.
  2. That's a poor reason to leave after being an avid supporter (you donated money). As many have said before, you can just talk about it with a more experienced mod.

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I don't think a single moderator should be able to ban someone...I think a moderator should submit a ban proposal, and two other moderators should review the incident and then decide.

Oh, but the drama is what makes it fun!

Otherwise it would be a load of people with expressionless faces going "screw you all, I'm outta here leaves " and "aight, screw you too, have fun bro" and "ok, first sign of corruption, let's all just leave and go other places" and this forum wouldn't really exist.

You gotta have the drama to convey the convictions of the community whOSE HEARTS AND SOULS HAVE BEEN BETRAYEEEEEEDDDDD. ,>▲<. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH cries

yeah, because the UN works so well. =p

If someone is being extremely hostile, or is doing something else that's obviously a ban-able offense, do you really want to have to wait for a mod to submit a complaint, then wait for two other mods to investigate it, then wait for them to make a decision between the two of them whether it is warranted or not?

No, that's way too much work. He should have gotten a warning through private message first, then a short ban if he didn't calm down, then a long ban if he kept acting up even after the short ban.

Anyone can submit a complaint to a mod, but a mod should not be the one submitting the claim, they should be the one to take action.

Just my 2 cents.

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I would have to disagree - it does not take that long to review an incident, especially if someone is "being extremely hostile" as you put it.

Nobody is going to die if the offending party is not banned within minutes.

Yes. Because that can happen in seconds. And it is a by far better way to do things like that.

That can not happen in seconds. Our moderator team is stretched beyond time zones, and as it is currently, ther are hardly ever more than one moderator on at a time.

As for the incident, anyone can go look at what transpired.

There was a misunderstanding on my part that I admitted was miscommunication.

The ban was for only 2 days. There were no moderators online at the time to converse with.

Unlike some, I'm not afraid of transparency.

Could it have been handled better? Yes.

Am I going to put up with anyone being hostile toward any user on the forums? No.

Were ther another moderator online at the time, I would have contacted them. But to my knowledge there was not. And that is something we can work on fixing after the drama has settled.