Partial Upgrade - to Ryzen or not?

Hey guys,

I'm looking to change out my motherboard, CPU and RAM and make the jump to Ryzen. I've been feeling my PC has been a bit sluggish and is getting on in age. I do light gaming but also a fair bit of computation/machine learning stuff.

Here's my current build:

Here's what I wish to upgrade to:

The 270x is still adequate for the games I play, so I'm not super fussed about going for a new video card (also, in AUS it's unbelievably expensive haha). I'm more concerned with CPU and RAM horsepower.

Any advice and opinions would be great!


I'd definitely upgrade. I went from a slightly better CPU (amd x4 845) to a Ryzen 1600, mildly OCed (3.7GGHz at 1.325v) with stock cooler, in combination with a ab350 pro4 and corsair 3000c15 ram, which worked out of the box at 2933MHz. Way smoother performance because 3x the threads, and kernel build times have gone frorm 45m to 12-13m. :slight_smile:

Btw, that VS550 isn't very good quality; depending on what GPU you intend to update to eventually, I'd get a cx450m or a rm550 instead. 450W is ample for a rx580-class GPU. I don't know why you are buying a separate CPU cooler, since the stock one is quite decent, but if you want to save a bit, you could also go for an Arctic Freezer 33, or a Be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim, both of which perform better than the stock one and should allow you to go over 1.35v or so if you need to to OC to wherever. :wink:
As for the case, I'd consider going for a slightly better one, e.g. a Thermaltake Versa h15, if only for usb 3.0 front panel support and the dust filters.

Yeah I was actually considering a new PSU and Case with this upgrade too if I can fit it into the budget haha (probably a Seasonic PSU and Fractal Design case or something)

Oh right, I already have that cooler in my current build and I can get the mounting hardware for free from Noctua if I want :smiley:

Thanks for the input!

My bad -- should've rechecked your current build list after I finished my coffee. :slight_smile:

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I hope you have a UPS/ power conditioner, I learned the hard way the importance of power protection. You might want to increase your cores, so you might want to consider an Ryzen 1700 instead of the 1600. I am getting involved with virtualization (virtual machines) which require lots of cores and memory. I don't know a lot about machine learning stuff, but I would bet you need a lot of cores and memory. To give you an idea of what a currant minimum system would look like in my opinion here is a link to the system I am thinking of purchaseing. While you probably don't have to purchase 2 graphic cards and as much storage as I will, I would increase the core count and memory you are planing to purchase.

Also, I would double check with the motherboard manufacture to make sure the memory you pick out is compatible with Ryzen. While the latest bios update looks promising for fixing memory issues with Ryzen I have yet to read or see a YouTube video saying ya AMD say fixed the memory problems.