Part List Help - Gaming/Photography PC Build

I've watched a few videos on the Tek Syndicate channel and was looking for some advice.
I'm currently a Photographer's assistant and Student in London, UK and of course love gaming. I currently run a 2012 15" Macbook Pro, which I use for my Photography. However, shooting gives me huge files that take up space, and it just feels risky deleting files even with two backups.

Therefore I'm looking to build a low to mid-range gaming PC that also has the capability of running Adobe and playing games at much better settings, having matured from Console Gaming.

I'm looking to spend around £450 which is about $700, although the parts are more expensive over here.
I want to possibly be able to upgrade too, which is definitely one of the many things taking me away from Mac to PC.

Here are some parts I've been looking at:

AMD Athlon X4 860K
I'm also thinking about some GSkills RAM and not too sure on case. Possibly an SSD and western digital blue drive too.

That's what I recommend, but only if you are aren't looking for balls to the walls gaming. I did not include a GPU because I'm not sure what to choose for your situation, but the APU would work fine for just the Adobe work. You have around 100 USD to play around with.

If you really want a good GPU you can always drop the number of cores for a little more money on the GPU or drop an HDD. Photos take up some much damn space, so I just went ahead and gave you 6TB of good reliable storage.