Part compatibality

Like many others on this forum I also have decided to build my own pc. But even though I did my research I'm still afraid that some parts that I chose may not be compatible with each other.

Here is my list:


Asrock Z87-Pro4

MSI GTX780 Twin Frozr

Corsair CX600M

Corsair H60 watercooling

Kingston HyperX genesis 2x4GB DDR3

Kingston SSD Now V300 120GB


My main concern is that my power supply will not be sufficient enough for the GTX780, because in one of Tek Syndicate's videos Logan was talking about power rail or something.

Can somebody check this setup and if possible explain me what power rail means and what it is for in a PSU.

Hey man looks good to me. As far as your PSU goes, it will definitely be able to power a 780 and then some. If you were going for 2 780s maybe you'd want to up it a little, but if you're just sticking with one 600 is more than enough which is good. 

A very basic explanation of rails:

Say for example my power supply is 700 watts and has 1 rail. That means it's delivering those 700 watts through just one path. Why they say it's good to have a single rail is because it doesn't matter which cables power what, they all have enough power accessible to them to give what they're plugged into sufficient power so both sides are happy. Now lets say my power supply has 4 rails. Different cables would be on different rails. For example my motherboard power could be on the same rail as my 24 pin and my sata power could share a rail with my molex and there would be four groups that would include every cable that my power supply has. Problems from arise from having too much power in one group. If I had 4 780s all on one rail from my power supply, it would be sad and by sad I mean on fire. So if you have a power supply with more than 1 rail (usually 4) you need to check your manual and make sure that you don't have all of your power hungry components on one rail. It's kind of like the fuses in your house, but they can't be replaced as easily. That's basically it so don't make it that big of a deal, just be careful.