Parrot OS site is down this week

Anyone have any info on Parrot OS site being down. There’s a failed certificate and for the braver soul there was a login screen for “Metric Mover”. Now its PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR;
so Is the hive cluster under attack or this is just a SNAFU?

Are you going to the right site? I went through Distrowatch and had no issue.

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thanks for this, looks like a very interesting site : )

for me, whats working and what is not…i clicked thru distrowatch as well and also went directly…

: :negative_squared_cross_mark:
: :white_check_mark:
: :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Though our internet setup is complicated so i am told by my roomie we might be being blocked cuz of proxy and or vpn usage tho he didn’t elaborate more so i can’t help you do any troubleshooting sorry…

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Its up now, it was down for a few days…And there’s a new version. Maybe the fixed the login bug(?)

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