Parler user data stolen and distributed in aftermath of shutdown


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Bigg Y I K E S

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glad i did not join to rush to join lol.

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No matter how you look at it, Cloud == “Someone else’s server.”




I know John personally.

He’s a smart dude, but he’s not nearly paranoid enough and had no head of security.

Honestly, this is not the first time he had a colossal fuckup on the security side of things.

This seems like pol to me… and it most certainly is :slight_smile:

Talking about a breach is pol?

Hah ok


You should ban yourself for two weeks for personal attacks

Discussion about data breach is ok, regardless of what platform or service we are talking about here.

This is fair reminder to keep the discussion on topic and civil. We don’t need to mix up politics and/or conspiracy theories into the discussion.


you should have known that as soon as pol was given the boot that nothing that touches it would be free from attacks. hence why it should not have been given the boot… but what do i know.

I would have liked to keep it, but it became 99% of our moderation effort as the tinfoil started to permeate some of our users brains and affect their critical thinking skills.

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I know a place where you can pol

but this data breach is fucked up


Something about it doesn’t feel right. Why now?

Either way, as I said above. They’re not the best with security and have had problems before, but they should have known they’d be a target.


Something something too close to the problem to see it coming.

Ehh he is just an eternal optimist.

My concern is with the required PII to have an account that sort of info in the wrong hands is very dangerous.

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Yeah. It’s pretty messed up.

Yeah I don’t mean problem like it was intended, just blinded by your own creation to really question it or look to hard at it to see the flaws.



big corps gonna be big corps

but I’mma head out before shit stinks