Paradigm Clips

That flick shot sure was cute.


I'll just keep this topic alive as clips come.



New one...

I know I failed at spraying lol.

you should make longer ones like sliNK does

I don't do actual videos. I only do nice little clips. Our friend will be making our team a video. You can check out some of his work at

Damn wireless made me lag rage the button...


Well I WAS supposed to be using beast and the harlot... But I forgot those fags ruined that on youtube. Gay. I had to do an audioswap for Drowning Pool since it was the next best thing.

It's just a clip, supreme wants a full movie made of clips from him so I decided what the hell he said he didn't want super editing, just a video.

meh headshots with guns... show me pure knives to the head then i'll be amazed lol

wow i didnt know there were that many css players on here!

we should get a pug going gais?

are you guys pacific or east?