Paperclip test and the Corsair RM1000

Fairly new to PC Building and have run into an issue with my system not booting up at all. It started with my motherboard lighting up for 3-5 seconds then restarting as if it wasn't getting enough power. I read that the paperclip test was very helpful and tried it for myself. But I also heard that some PSU fans wont turn on unless it needs to and that could make the paperclip test useless. I was wondering if the Corsair RM1000 is one of these PSUs

Is this a new build or a build that was working for a while?

I dont have any experience with the rm series but they do run with fan off under low load. Im sure someone on here has one and can comment but I would be surprised if when you first boot it it doesn't spin up then shut off.

The paperclip test isn't overly useful, it may help determine that a psu is completely dead or maybe at least sort of operational.

Test in this order

  1. check all power cables are plugged in.
  2. remove/disconnect any hardware that isn't required for post e.g. SSD's, HDD's, Add in cards, etc.
  3. Try starting it outside the case with Motherboard, CPU, 1 RAM Module, GPU if no integrated & PSU

it is brand new

Hey there, Could you post more detail? full system system spec would be nice.
, Does mobo support cpu out of the box ( without bios update)?
Did you try to clear cmos and discharge motherboard and psu capacitors?
Did you look for anything that could lead to shorts ?(you could drop a screw somewhere or motherboard might be shorted)?
Paperclip test is used to start psu, then you would be able to check if psu isnt doa or if there are correct voltages in correct pins, there is no way for you check how psu behaves under load without professional psu testing unit which costs a lot. You could get cheap psu tester (or with multimeter ) on ebay and check psu cables.Check if correct voltages are supplied to correct pins and if they are within the norms.and check The cables and cable pins mechanical damage to.Also importan question, are there any error sound codes ?If your mobo doesnt have a pc speaker (it might be in the mobo box) or you could get one cheap and it helps to identify basic problems.I had similar symptoms when i messed up pin layout when making my cpu cable.