Pantheon, Rise of the Fallen

‘Old school’ mmorpg (not really though, MUDs are the true online old school, but hey, 9 second attention span and Facebook era), think Everquest I, Vanguard, etc.
Made by Brad McQuaid, same person responsible for the above titles :slight_smile:
(yes, there’s a dual meaning there)

Am not what they call an mmo player, not by today’s standards, but i do have some interest in this one. Put differently? Haven’t had a game installed for years now, nothing of interest to me, but this one? Just might.
If you were around at a time when dial-up was the thing, you probably have a fond memory or two, being online with others, just like i do. Of course this won’t be a replica, certain concessions have been made, but… close as you can have it given the current year.

Anyway, it’s currently in pre-Alpha, they got extra funding some time back, extended the development cycle or whatever the buzzword is for that; you can have a look here, see what the game looks like right now:

Am i shilling?
Nope, as you may have noticed, not a single adjective with positive connotations. Just letting you know.
Getting organised. Trying to find some like-minded folks, currently seven of us, not one of which magnificent; sucks. If cynical, older (translate: one foot in the grave), semi-dysfunctional beings getting together sound to you like a party waiting to happen? Do have a look, when under restraint we’re all sweethearts, i promise:

And regardless, do post if this your kind of game. Who knows, we might get to meet :slight_smile: