Panasonic ToughBook CF29 Mk4

Hi everyone, I'm rather new to the Tek Syndicate forums, however have been watching the channel for many years. I mostly use Linus' forum, however thought I might get better responses here regarding this question. I recently acquired a few Panasonic ToughBook Laptops. I've cleaned them all up and got them all working properly, and got all the features working. However I'm not really 100% sure what to do with them all. I intend to keep one for playing older games. However what are some ideas for projects I should do with the other 3. I was thinking maybe selling them on a classified website or eBay. As they fetch a premium. Though I don't know if there's some cool project out there that I could use 4 extremely tough, decent for the age laptops. Maybe some of you guys could give me a few ideas?


Build body armor with them

or turn one into a router

or a seed box

or like, hook up a bunch of external hard drive and make a ghetto NAS

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network them
write a simple script and run it on each of them
allow the scripts to talk to each other
allow the scripts to learn from each other
allow the scripts to rewrite parts of themselves
name the network skynet
sit back an relax
(while skynet brings forth the annihilation of the human race)


Install a Linux distro and set up a Tor Relay. You will help other people.

CF-29's are really old, so there's not much you can do with them aside from selling them to other people.

I'm with Rogers Canada, They do not support TOR Sadly.

I'm thinking I'm going to keep one and sell 2 and figure out what to do with the rest, they fetch a good amount on eBay. A lot more than I paid at least.

Dremmel out the insides and put a mITX system in one. It is possible but not easy.

install a change machine in it along with some adobe flash code and market it as the worlds most secure parking meter.