PALIT Video Cards

Just out of curiosity, is PALIT video cards available in Northern America? I tried to find some reviews for it in youtube but only a few are available, and it's mostly the old cards.I think this cards are reliable and are cheaper, that's why I want to hear some reviews of it, especially from Logan or Linus


if they sell any in north America I've never seen one

This is the only time ive ever heard of Palit

I haven't heard of them but there might be a chance they could come to America kinda like what Club3D did, but as far as I know there is no palit distributor in the US

Dat frog...


Common in Australia. poor quality outside of reference design however and their warranty system is somewhat undesirable. 

You mean.... Giant Robot Frogs!


I had a dead 9800GT after 4 years running, 2008 classic.

with prices like that why even bother being in the market

yea I just saw some AUS prices from a guy wanting a $600 build in the build a pc forum... good god... unbearable

Prices are terrible in Aus but we do make more money per hour. just everything is more expencive so american companies feel they can charge a premium on things in Australia. Its worse in New Zealand, That price is given an even larger bump plus people in NZ dont earn nealy as much as people do in australia. But then its still more than a lot of people in america.