Pairing Intel Xeon E5 2600v3 Rev 2.0 with ES part, dual CPU config

HI to ALL!
I am interested in your opinion and experience in this matter. I curently have my WORKSTATION BUILD (mainly 3D and motion graphics but a lot of gaming too:)) with this configuration:
Asus Z10PE-D8 WS
Intel Xeon E5 2620v3, Rev 2.0, 85W TDP
Crucial DDR4 ECC 2x 16GB 2133 Mhz
EVGA Supernova 750 G2
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB, 3TB Seagate Barracuda, 1TB WD Blue, 1TB WD Green
in PHANTEKS Enthoo Pro

I allready ordered Intel Xeon E5 2620v3 ES, QFSE, 105W TDP from eBay without any research on this topic.
Generally my question is will my Z10 mobo recognize the new ES CPU? Will it work with my current retail version CPU E5 2620v3 in this dual CPU mobo?? What problems could i ran into? If it will be recognized will QPI work properly? The cores, threads, clocks, turbo are the same only TDP is different spec.
I am aware I made noob mistake not making my research first so no need to roast me. But I got so excited to finally after 3 years make my WS complete.
I will be glad for any valible intel or any opinion on this.

THX for any response.

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the board specs claims it works with v3 and 4 e-5 2600's so yeah it should be right

Yep I know it works with retail version of E5 2600 v3 family but my question Is related to the ES (early sample) and about compatibility on my Z10 mobo with latest BIOS and my current retail version of E5 2620v3 in this dual CPU mobo.
But Thx for your concern.

The short answer is try it.

You know about ES chips. So you know that they can either be the full release normal ones or have any of a number of extra features, missing features, odd clock speed things and sometimes are not recognised properly by the OS so other odd things happen.

It could be fine. It might not be. No way to tell other than trying it really.

Thx, will do tonight :). Hope it will not do any damage. I hoped that someone tried this mix'n'match before and has an advice on troubleshooting if problem occures or what could happen.

Keep you posted here on my experience if interested.

I would not expect any damage at all. They are still the chips intended to test the motherboards and features. Just that incompatibilities might arise, you could check if any one else has tried it but doubtful with that combination of hardware.

Let me know how it goes. Looking to do a similar this fall.

Not well. For now i am getting qcode DC as Reset protocol Is not available. Dont have a clue.
Will test the ES proc as CPU 0 alone. I think i am screwed it seems that the ES proc Is stepping 1. As i recall the retail one was stepping 2.

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Yeah was going to say, pretty sure that you need an exact match of cpus for those dual cpu mobos...

So I am pissed on myself. Nothing worked so far, ES proc in CPU0 socket works but not reporting as a xeon:

But the CPU-Z on ebay shoved this:

Good thing the stepping should be same on my retail proc as well as on the ebay ES one.
So dont have a clue what to do, I ve tried flashing BIOS to older version but it failed multiple times and ways (even on bare mobo).
Mobo status on each CPU:

My retail proc CPU-Z (ignore the clocks had loaded my OC profile after):

So now I ve CPU just to look at. Any ideas? Will the Hong Kong retailer even react on my return invoice?

What was I thinking...