Painting the gold accents on EVGA ACX shroud

My goal here is to theme my build to be black and white when I upgrade to the X99 Deluxe.  I have the EVGA GTX 770 SC with the ACX cooler.  The ACX cooler is primarily black, which is good, but it has some gold accents that I want to be white.

I'd like to paint these somehow, but I want to preserve the black text that is on them ("EVGA", "GTX 770", etc.).  Obviously, this isn't as simple as taping off areas that I don't want to paint, because the text is very small and I don't think I could possibly cut tape into pieces so small.  The three little rectangles to the left don't look like they'd be hard to paint, but the text looks like it's going to be a big challenge to me.

Could somebody either provide me with a method to put a clean white coat over these accents without covering the text that I want to keep, or point me to a company or artisan that could sell me white accents that I could just replace the gold accents with?

If there is a place where you live that prints vynal lettering for cars or signs etc..  Take a picture of the card down to them and tell them what you want to do. They may be able to replicate the lettering on the card and print you out some small vynal letters. This way you could just paint the pieces and stick the vynal letters on after. Or look at a arts and crafts store for small stencils and repaint the letters on with a small brush.  Its gonna be tough challenge really any way you do it. 

or take the board to said shop and have them create the letters, then apply letters yourself, paint board, then pull letters off, presto original logo

another option is to paint with plastidip (rubberized coating) and then cut out the letters

The Plasti Dip website has a ton of information on it and I'm not really sure which page to even look on for the type that I would use for this method.  Is there a way to use something like a very small paintbrush to put this on so I could just paint around the letters?  It probably sounds difficult, but I have extremely steady hands.

you CAN roll on plasti-dip, but it gets rough because of the fact that is was really meant to be sprayed.  the great thing, is that you can pull plasti-dip odd without killing the original paint. It is liquid latex. 

we need pics ...

How would I go about pulling the plasti-dip off?  My main concern is pulling off the plasti without leaving rough edges.  Could you point me to a set of images or a video tutorial of the application and selective removal?

it goes on just like spray paint, or regular paint if you get non arisol, i would try removing the letters by cutting it off with an exacto