Painting my K70

could i use vinyl paint to paint the plate under the keys and the wrist wrest? If not what kind of paint should i use and i will be posting pics when i do it 

You can probably use any kind of paint you want as long as it doesnt get into the keyboard. The only thing I can see being an issue is if you decide to take the paint off at some point and possibly wreck the original finish with some kind of paint stripper. 

What do you plan on doing to your keyboard?

I eventually plan on getting one of those when my PS/2 one dies, plan on putting a light grey/dark grey/black tricolor on it NES styled just like my Carbide 300R

I wouldn't paint the wrist rest with just anything. It could rub off on you and leave a less than pleasant look for both your wrist and your keyboard. I would leave that alone since it's textured. Though, you could definitely do something with the back, but you would have to either cover the switches with painters tape or be careful and use a brush. But a brush will leave stroke marks and may be uneven. spray would be your best bet, and in that case, covering each key might become tedious. Doable though if you're not bothered by covering every cap. Paint can be like glue in tight spaces like a keyboard switch. The next problem area would be covering the media keys, the volume wheel and the back lighting keys. This is all provided you don't want to disassemble the whole thing. Which painting it will void the warranty anyway, but my thinking is that you might actually damage something if you go that route. Now, finding custom keycaps or painting the ones that come with the keyboard would be an easier option. Might look quite nice, but unless you wanted to have dimmer backlighting coming through the characters on each keycap, you'd have to cover those parts as well.

For the parts that are metallic, you can use the dye.

Take out the switches before-hand. Switches can be removed, and put back, if youre careful.

As for the plastic, just get some cheap spraypaint thats advertised for plastic, and use thin coats. Let each coat dry COMPLETELY before applying a new one, and it wont rub off.

Ive painted several cases and heatsinks and whatnot, so this is from experience.

Isnt the plate out of aluminium? I would anodize it green if that was the case...

want to paint the wrist rest and back plate but going to change the LED's while doing it just waiting on parts


For the wrist rest, use a latex based spray paint (since it has that rubberized coating). For the aluminum, either an oil-based enamel spray or acrylic latex paint.

In reference to anitramane, anodizing can be costly and you you to find a shop nearby that will do it for you (I used to work at an aeronautic machine shop and was the guy to dropped off/picked up the parts to/from the anodizer).

And in reference to Phantom, definitely take it apart and only work on the parts you are spraying. The less you are taping off, the better and less likely you are to ruin you keyboard.