Painted my case

So I spent the day painting my Carbide air 540.

Ill take more pictures later and add it to my blog post.

It was kind of a boredom thing so I dont have any in-progress photos.

I think i'm getting pretty good at this whole painting thing.

That looks.... Fantastic!

Thanks :)

Very nice.

I have to say, that's a really nice job.

I personally would have gone for a darker red, but your choice is yours :D

I find that the 99 cent Walmart spray paint actually works best. It goes on very thin and dries quickly. Very even coating and beautiful finish. 

The expencive stuff is thick and takes forever to dry.

That being said, my color options were limited :P

It does look extremely cool. I wasn't trying to be condescending; I just like darker colors.

Just the fact that your case is custom painted makes it that much awesome than mine.

I know what you meant :). I was just stating the large influence of my shade choices. 

I'm also still shocked at how the cheap paint is better. Haha.

Very nice, maybe I will get around to painting my case one of these days.