Paintball anyone?

My boy and his friends got me involved in paint-ball games and I think they are regretting it:rofl:
I don’t think they realized a former gunners mate would know ballistics and how to shoot accurately.
he he he!
I left them with more than a few bruises and never got touched myself
but we have a good time, the wives fix lots of great food and have a ball filming the whole thing

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I’m a bit lethal myself in paintball and airsoft. I have a bit of a habit being… well, too accurate. If I can see where I want my shot to go it tends to get there. Probably all the skeet shooting!

yeah I see people going nuts with expensive outfits that arent any more accurate than my chronus, The only difference is i take good care of mine and use a silicone based lubricant oil.
and wasting shots!
being a good judge of range and knowing your markers trajectory is a skill it takes a while to learn.