Paint My Motherboard?

So I have the MSI X99A Gaming 7 and love the board, picked it up after a failure of my MSI X99S Sli Plus which is an all black very neutral board.

So the new one is obviously MSI red and black and there's the problem...Red

My components and custom Cable Mod cables are all...YELLOWWWWW

So the question is, Can I, and if so what is the best/safest way to paint the 2 heatsinks red accents yellow.

ah yes... there's your performance bottle neck right there...

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Linustechtips has a video on painting a motherboard. Normally you can remove heat sinks and plastic pieces such as RAM slots without breaking or desoldering anything.

remove them and paint them, not really all that hard.
Don't get paint on the contact surface between the component though, you want some heat transfer after all.

Do you still have that dead Sli plus board?
If so, then maybe you can just exchange heatsinks?
I suppose that the vrm heatsinks and mountings are pretty much similar with those 2 boards?

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That's not a bad idea I completely handn't thought of that. I'll have to give that a look!