Painful Concerts

Last summer I was at an Iced Earth concert. For some reason they picked a venue with a glass floor in the middle. This makes for a very brutal concert. But it gets worse/better?. lol. When Iced Earth came on stage everyone started throwing their beer in the center of the room on all the glass. People were even grabbing water bottles to fuel the brutality.  By the end of the first song the place was a damn skating rink/slip and slide. Hundereds were injured! ahahahahah it was the funniest scene ever, there was 20 people on their ass at any given time. Needless to say the stretchers were well used that night. 

Anyone else have any classic brutal concert stories?

"Hundereds were injured! ahahahahah"<-- If that's fun for you, then fine. I do like moshing but nobody should be injured (asuming that bruises and such are not injuries).

I have only been to two concerts

linkin park and iron maiden, both were at the o2 when the company I work for used to have a box there

I remember looking down at the mosh area and thinking... thank god I am safe and sound up here :)

lol, at first I thought you meant terrible concerts. Let's see....

One of the roughest shows I've been to was at the Ottobar Bar, Baltimore, if anyone has been there. The line-up was: one hardcore band (sorry I forgot), Norma Jean, Dilinger Escape Plan and headlined by Unearth.

For a tiny place like that, those bands brought ALOT of energy. I practically expected a riot to break loose and rip the PA apart and set fires.