Pages File Corrupted LibreOffice

So I am in the process of moving my mom's iMac from OSX to elementary OS freya. She has hundreds of .pages documents from her mac that she needs to use. Unfortunately LibreOffice can't load most of the .pages file. Some of the (simpler) ones work however. The ones that don't work say that the file is corrupted and when I click repair it fails. Any solutions?

Convert them to odf in the apple word thing, if they even allow that.

I think they allow conversions to doc or docx, but not odf. And she has hundreds of them so it would be nice if there was a way to automatically loop through them and convert them. I will probably just make a script to do it.

Not sure if a perlexpr like rename 's/.pages/.odt/g' *

or other Terminal programs, read this thread it might help

well with osx 10.10 there is a program called apple script that can press buttons, save files, etc.

You should try the latest libreoffice 5.1 if you can it has improved document support. However .pages may be lacking as its not a priority.

My only other suggestion is to maybe look up a pages to odf convertor. I might look later tonight.

The Link I provided is supposed to be for a program where this can be achived through the almighty TERMINAL !


Thats for converting odt > doc not pages > odt.

It looks like Apple has done a good job of vendor lockin, theres no export support, no standard, the format changes yearly, you cant save them as odt, rtf or anything useful. You could possibly save them as pdf or ebup in pages.

You could try renaming the .pages to .zip and extracting then, you might have a .png or .pdf depending on how they were made. You will have a .xml that you could probably strip out the xml formatting and have your documents in plain text.

There is no quick way to do this, but that's intentional.

I have tried extracting them, but it says unsupported compression type, I am dual booting so I will try to write an export script.