Packing up, and transporting my computer

So, I will be moving my computer tomorrow, for a small-scale LAN party and programming/hack-athon that will last 3 days, and while the distance isn't that far (only 100 miles, or so), I want to take all precautions. 

How do you move your computers both long, and short-distance?

Obviously, I'll be driving, but my plan, right now, is to take out my graphics card and CPU cooler (I have an EVGA 680, which is really heavy, and a Phanteks PH-TC14PE, which is extremely heavy) to eliminate any stress to the motherboard from bumps, and that little bitch called gravity, putting them in their respective cases/packages, and putting them in my back seat. The tower itself, which is a large, steel full tower, will lie on its side, with the back panel facing down, in my trunk (station wagon FTW), surrounded by blankets to prevent it from moving around. Sure, it's probably overkill, so please, share what you have done in the past :)

This also means that I may not be as active as I usually am, but I'll stay in communication and post as regularly as possible, for the next few days, during the event.

This sounds ok. I've heard people removing HDDs before, but it isn't necessary.

And drive slower!

just make sure tha gpu screws r tight.... I plan on cutting a piece of foam to fit my rig... one under the gfx card, and another to support teh cpu coolerand gpu from the other side