Packet Loss In Rust Game

I believe that my isp is blocking traffic of the steam game Rust during peak hours ( 6pm-12am). There is an ingame network tool which allows you to see packet loss, during these times its hovers around 1k-10k bytes per second and the game is completely unplayable . At midnight it drops back down to 0 and is playable.
This is a problem that only occurs with Rust, no other game. My internet speed is not effected during this time either.
I have tired a VPN that I have, but am unable to connect to any server while im using it (dont know if they block vpn ip's in Rust)
I have spoken to the isp regarding this but the Indian call center is very frustrating and deny any knowledge of throttling, even though it is stated on their website that they do so.
Aside from changing provider, is there any solution to this issue? Can i encrypt my traffic without changing my ip? Im a networking noob.

Is this just on one particular server? Try connecting to others, and see if you have the issue.

Every server. I had tried many of them

You can encrypt your data but you need a exit (other computer) where your data gets decrypt but it would be hard to give that your ip adress that you got now, but i don't think your ISP is the issue, if it was you would have felt it on your VPN connection too.

also a quick Duckduckgo search gave me a lot of topics of people having issues with lags too.

like this?

pfsense is more for inside your own network, but you should look up openVPN, Proxy's and dedicated servers. It's lot of time and money sometimes if you just want to use it to try if it's speeds up your game.

packet loss is different than blocking traffic. If they blocked traffic then you wouldn't get any packets through. Packet loss occurs the most during peak hours because that's usually when everyone is using the network.

Packet loss is bad but not in of itself. Because if a packet gets dropped its just resent or rebuilt (it depends on the protocol being used). However, things like games where every packet matters due to location data this is an issue.

do an actual ping test from your terminal or command prompt to measure packet loss as a percentage. I.E do a test where is sends 100 packets.

everyone stopped watching youtube or netflix at this time.

it wouldn't be, its likely due to the ISP network being saturated with UDP that flood the network.

VPN's wouldnt do a damn thing and only add to your latency.

Your IP usually changes all the time unless you have a static one. The payload of a packet can be encrypted but in the headers the traffic would still need to know where it is going to be routed properly.

It's okay to be a noob. I would recommend you read some articles online about: ICMP, TCP, UDP, packet loss, and packet latency(latency being the most important part for online gaming).


packet loss happens but not that huge of a big deal. Packet latency is the most important thing. My guess is that you don't have the best latency but that is made up for because you usually don't get dropped packets, but during peak hours when the ISP's network is saturated, you start getting packets dropped and that plus high latency is what gives you your problem. Because most games send data vid UDP because its fast but offers no way to rebuild lost data and instead must be resent; which during peak hours on your end is a big problem.


No there's nothing you can really do.

Thanks alot for taking the time to explain it all. I am going to live with it until I change provider I guess

yeah i posted that too. Also more people have it with rust.

This was the in game info i was talking about.
Its very odd that it only effects this game. My providers tech support on their forum is in the process of trying to figure it out too.
So far has recommended a few different dns settings, which did nothing. He believes the traffic is being seen as p2p by them which it shouldnt.

yeah sorry about the bad news bro.

Is there a way i could do a ping test to the game server? It shows up as only having 50ms on the in game browser.

depends if they use inbuilded commands like /ip to show the actual ip of the game.

otherwise you should open a commandline and use netstat -a (i though in windows, correct me if wrong)
and figure out on your own to what machines your connected,

i looked at your image and you're only sending 2 KB of traffic a second. Thats like hardly nothing these days. If its struggling to send that then it is definitely due to saturation.

Hi. I’m having the same problem! Did you ever get a fix to the problem?


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