Package install question

I was inspired by the recent Linux videos and installed Ubuntu GNOME on a secondary rig. When installing Deluge I was asked to remove three packages. libbappindicator1, libindicaor7 and Google Chrome. Deluge installed and in the logs I can see that the exact same versions of libbappindicator1 and libindicaor7 were re-installed. Chrome didn't come back, I manually re-installed it with apt-get.

So now everything is installed and working. I just don't understand why I had to remove these packages in the first place. If they are all the same versions as the ones that were removed whats the difference?


maybe the packages switched vendors??? Doubt it.

Sometimes weird crap happens.

this is rare. you can clear the package db, by using

~ apt-get clean

then do another

~ apt-get update.

it might have downloaded the same package, but it's something to consider.

~ aptitude search chrome

might have found the chrome package.

chromium, an open source version of chrome should be in the repos of the distro. also the pepper-flash package to install also for the most recent flash version.


Thanks for the input. I actually just installed the synaptic package manager. It seems to show more information about dependence and conflicts. When I have a chance I am going to look around in there to see if I can explain why that happened.

Learning more and more each day. I really want to sign up for the 1 year of Linux challenge but I just have too much stuff setup up in Windows to just bail. I need to make sure I can re-create what I have in Linux.

On a debian based linux you always want to run apt-get update / aptitude update whenever you want to install a specific application. This application is loaded fresh from the repository, while the rest is based on the cache of apt. Apt as a package manager wants to avoid or remove conflicts between packages, some of these conflicts come from an outdated cache.