PAAG-ET3122B HID ports don't seem to work

Hi there!

I’ve tried for a couple hours now to get the HID ports to work with a couple different keyboards I have. For a brief moment when I first plugged everything in I had my wireless mouse dongle plugged into one of the HID ports and that worked, but not the keyboard.

After reading this thread, I made sure that the only thing I had plugged into the HID ports was my keyboard. (post # 179341)

I’ve tried:

  • Ensuring that the two devices are completely powered off, no green light for either on the KVM, unplugging the KVM, then plugging in the keyboard to the USB HID port on the back, then turning the KVM on, and then the devices.
  • Plugging them in while the KVM and devices are running.
  • Different cables
  • Different keyboards ( WhiteFox and Vortex Pok3r); nothing too crazy on these, no LEDs or anything.
  • Different USB HID ports, including the one the mouse was using when it worked briefly.

Is there anything else I should try? The only thing I can think of is that the WhiteFox doesn’t have a right CTRL key. I can’t think of anything else though. :\


Edit: scratch that. I plugged in the Pok3r to the HID port while the KVM was on, unplugged the power and plugged the power back in. It didn’t work for a good minute or so, so I went and typed this topic, and now that I’m done I tried the keyboard again and it worked!

So interestingly, pok3r started working on one of the HID ports but I can’t seem to get the WhiteFox to work on them. Is there anything special about that keyboard that would make it not work?

Hid ports are meant for hid complaint devices.

Some devices aren’t hid compliant. There’s some clever person that made a bit banged USB implementation for atmel micros so that doesn’t work either because good lord that’s not even USB (for example).

Have you tried the usb3 ports? That’s why they’re there. They are more or less hard cutover so whatever ornery device you have that doesn’t work in bid can work in USB3.

Oh yeah that keyboard works totally fine on the USB3 ports. I just assumed that there was a reason to favor the HID ports over the other ones for keyboard/mouse other than the hotkeys. If that’s not the case then I’ll likely just stick to the USB3 ports. Thanks! :slight_smile: