p8h61-m not detecting SATA3 HDD

Hey community!!

My p8h61-m motherboard is not detecting my new Seagate 500GB drive, ive tried running it in AHCI mode and my bios doesnt seem to keep the settings when it restarts.

The bios is an EFI bios with the mouse input, i run it in advanced mode.

When i run AHCI i have no hotsswap drives active as i only use the 1 drive atm.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Thanks in advance

Well, if your BIOS is not saving the settings when you exit, you're either not saving them correctly (F10, Y to save) or your CMOS battery is on its death bed. I recommend replacing the CMOS battery or pulling it and testing it in another computer around the house if you have one.

Best bet is just to replace it. They're dirt cheap. And by dirt cheap I mean they cost too much, but it's a worthy investment.

Is your computer's clock accurate?