p55+nf200 chip

I am thinking about Core i5 +one of theses MOBOs what do you guys thinkÂ

Seems good to me, but wait a few weeks before getting an i5, so you know who is best for you etc.
EVGA one is slick as hell. MSI got some pretty nice i5 boards coming too.

Getting i5 myself I think

 Defintely the EVGA, but that motherboard maybe very expensive. Maybe a Core i7 920 with the EVGA X58 SLI LE, that will run you about 450-500.

No, socket 1156 suppose to be cheaper than 1366.

No, im comparing a expensive 1156 board to a cheap 1366 board, the diferrence in there price may be equaled after purchasing the CPU

;o EVGA dropped the IDEÂ <'3

ya know, those Foxconn i7 boards aren't too expensive.

I also found the FOXCONN QF MOBO and the ASUS MAXIMUS III ROG MOBOhttp://www.gizmongames.com/2009/06/asus-p55-powered-maximus-iii-formula.html

So i5 as fast as a Phenom II? Cause intel would turn into nvidia if i5 was faster than Corei7?

The i5 would probably be like the current Phenom II's, close to the i7 but not quite there. But by that time AMD should have a new Phenom II thats faster.

I will probablly go i5 with one of these mobos but I might go i7 depending on weather the affordable i7s are being discontinuede.

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