P45 vs x48

So i am looking to upgrade from a my 750i motherboard to an intel one.

asus p5e deluxe x48

or p45

Well, the P45 chipset is newer, with the ICH10 south bridge chipset. The X48 chipset is pretty much the same as X38 with official support for FSB 1600. I'd much rather have the Maximus II Formula.

It depends if you would like X16, X16 for CrossFire X go X48 because P45 will only do X8, X8 but both are PCIE 2.0 there will not be that much of a difference ut you might notice a difference when you upgrade to DX 11 cards.

X48, if you want to go Crossfire, if not then P45.

X48 Gigabyte ... Really Good For SLI And Great Overclocking Performance.


The ICH10R has the best support for hotswapping and stabilitiness over the ICH9R founded on the X48. Can't believe I've done a bump here...