P4 to EPS conversion cable

Hello, I have an MSI MPOWER Z87 motherboard that has two EPS connectors but my PSU(Corsair HX520W) only has one EPS connector and a P4 connector. The system runs well with just the one EPS connector plugged in but since I don’t plan to overclock under liquid nitrogen and the CPU is an i7 4790K can I safely use a EPS doubling cable or a P4 to EPS cable, supplemented or not, to connect the P4 cable on the PSU to the motherboard. Examples below:

You should be fine just with the one cable you are already using. The 8-pin connector can provide something like 288 watts, which is plenty for a normal overclock.

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Am I still be able to take advantage of all the VRM power phases with only one of the connectors plugged in though? And if not, woldn’t this drive the used power phases harder?

The two connectors are most likely wired in parallel, so the power should be fine. If you happened to have a multimeter you could probe the pins on the motherboard to double check.

If you’re still concerned about the power delivery the 4-pin from the power supply should fit one half of the extra 8-pin connector on the motherboard.