Owners of TekSyndicate - Please Read

I am a sci-fi writer, just put my first ebook onto the market. But this is no plug, so nevermind that. I am currently writing my third science fiction book and was wondering if I could get permission to use the TekSyndicate name within the context of the story. The names Logan and Qain have already been implemented in the text as main characters in the story. This I want to use as a subtle nod to this community. However, if you wish me not to, I will exchange these names for something else entirely. Any feedback is appreciated.

Absolutely! Feel free to post a link and some info on the book here as well. Where can we read it?

If a good member (like yourself) posts a link to something they have done or created it is not spam... If someone shows up just to spam and has no intention of being a true member... then they shall die! lol. So, feel free to make a post about the book... Post a link so we can check it out. 

I'm waiting to read it, by the sounds of it; it would be an awesome book. Oh yea Logan, did you ever get my PM yet?

Well this book isn't nearly done yet, still in the writing process. But here's the link to my other books since you asked:



I'll try and keep you guys up to date on this third book, currently on the 50 page mark.

Thank you!


Interesting... very interesting...