ownCloud Alternative

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if anybody knew of something that does what ownCloud does but isn't ownCloud. Thanks!

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seafile, idk if it is any good though

If you feel comfortable with linux, you can use a ssh server and rsync with a recurring task to update your files from your server every so often. Would do pretty much the exact same thing.


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Owncloud does more than just file hosting so none of those suggestions are suitable alternatives.. What are your requirements ?

Pydio is Owncloud's main rival

It isn't bad

Why not Owncloud?

I'm just looking for other things to try out, to see if anything is better

Looks like the desktop client requires a pro license ($800/year)...

I hate this "open source, but nah, not really" bs.

Depending on your needs there's mediagoblin, syncthing, freenas, openmediavault, that I can think of off the top of my head

lol my knowledge in this area is limited. but i use filezilla to access my nas remotely using sftp. connections are stable and file transfer is resumable if connection is lost. its useful that way. not to mention. you have the capabililty to have all you data accessible on any platform of your choosing. my experience with owncloud was disappointing. since i had to run it in a jail. it didn't let me access my main drives and that was a problem for me. i didn't want 2 copies of the data that i was backing up on the same drive.

ftp is superior that way. in that its is exponentially easier to setup and you will always have you data available even to your phone. (andftp) i use this to sync my phones photo folder every night autonomously. it works great and i can always rest easy knowing that any photos of notes i take in lectures are always backed up and downloadable any time i need them.

No it is free. That was the enterprise support price. Which you as a home user don't need.


Open source software is allowed to make money BTW.

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Free and open-source != gratis
"Think free as in free speech, not free beer." ~ RMS

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My bad.

Sure, never said they weren't. I just thought that they were selling additional features instead of support.

There is a really cool website for finding alternatives. It's called AlternativeTo.
If we have a look at it's results for alternatives to ownCloud, there are a few good open-source projects that show up.
For example:
Seafile (as mentioned earlier by @drfeelgud)
Syncthing (as mentioned earlier by @wkpsfbx)
Pydio (as mentioned earlier by @lessershoe)
From my experience the mobile client of Pydio is kind of limiting.

Those basically were the top open-source alternatives to ownCloud, there are a lot more commercial options though. See for yourself at http://alternativeto.net/software/owncloud/.