OwnCloud: 500 Internal Server Error


I am running an OwnCloud server on my one.com web hotel. The databse is running on MariaDB. For the last three days I have been getting "500 internal server error" when trying to acces the site. My sync clients cannot connect either. The only thing I have done differently is about a week ago I started using a sync client for Ubuntu, I had alot of problems with it, stopped syncing, had to reboot alot. When I think back, it was probably the server being flaky.

Since all the logging happens in MariaDB im not sure what to do. I have seen alot of "Aborted clients" and "Aborted connects" in PHPMyAdmin. But I am not sure if this is the cause, or how I would go about fixing it.

Im adding a couple screenshots from PHPMyAdmin:



means that you need to begin troubleshooting at a web server level, starting with reading (apache?) error log.

also ownclouds own log, despite looking messy, can be helpfully. It is in the data directory you files are also saved into.

ALso, owncloud has stopped development; been forked into Nextcloud. OP will likely not see updates to your server running owncloud. You should switch to Nextcloud.

I dont even know that kinda web server or OS its running (derp). I dont have any terminal access.
I conencted with FTP and I couldnt find any logs in the standard locations like /var/log.

I guess I will just do a reinstall then.

I was not aware of that. Guess I will just do a reinstall then.

Too bad I cant access anything since its all encrypted.
I will have to merge my files from a few different computers, ohh well.

Thanks anyway ;)

Thanks for the tip :)

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