Overwhelmed picking parts

Help me build a computer used mostly for gaming nothing else. High setting possibly if possible. Monitar have. All parts must come from NCIX canada. I have a 750 ti video card budget not sure the lowest you can go Have a storage drive already . Have a case that fits a 210mm video card. Would consider buying a new one for future video card if the picked motherboard doesn't fit. Need a power supply .. would like socket 1151 -I5 mb doesn't have to have video out put but would prefer it. Would love up to 64 gb ram only putting in 16 now. Down the road will put in another 16. Would need a extra case fan or two . Help me decide. Monitor has this connection as well a vga

Would need to buy a DVI-D cord . Native resolution 1280x1024 Have O/S too

I will say this - the info, you have given is extremely insufficient.
What is the case? Do you want to use your extremely outdated graphics card, or you want something better than that?
210mm gpu sounds like ITX system in the calibre of Cooler Master Elite 110, but it could be something else, and now comes the question, SFX PSU or full size ATX? Not to mention the motherboard size...
We know nothing basically, aside from the fact you have old weak graphics card...

PS: just to clarify, I have R9 270X, so I know exactly how weak 750Ti is. 270X is barely holding it's own these days, and 750Ti is even slower. Massively slower...

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Also, budget?

Also favorite games now and games you want to buy.
Also what monitor? Black Friday at least in the states are the best time to get a monitor.

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I'm sorry I am so vague. The case we have now I'd mid size I don't want a small case it can be bigger I know the GPU is slow and old but can't afford everything my son just has to play on medium and low setting. Just want
Budget is go a low as possible but with regular size case .motherboard.need CPU i5 ram power supply have after . Games he plays mount and bladewarband. Europe universalis 4 total water at tallied BF1 GtA5 there are more but you get the idea


get a new display man

and just list all the parts you currently have

Seriously, what is the case? I can't tell you "get this board" and then just so happens, that the case can't fit it, because it's micro ATX and the board is full ATX or something...
@Streetguru, in the op he said ncix Canada...

You are going to have a good laugh this is his current non working computer GIGABYTE GA-H61M-S2-B3 Core i3 Barebones Kit - GIGABYTE GA-H61M-S2-B3 Motherboard, Intel Core i3-2100 CPU, Patriot 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 RAM, Seagate 1TB HDD, 24x DVDRW, DiabloTek Mid-Tower Case, 450W PSU
Item: B69-1352 |Model:GA- bought more then 5 years ago. When I was much dummer

parts I have monitor keyboard and mouse

GTX 750 Ti outdated? It's not much worse than the RX 460 and GTX 950/1050, not to mention the RX 460 and GTX 1050 barely holds it's own against an R9 270X also.

Well, you can start with something like this:
Gigabyte H110M-A...
Pair it with that:
Core i5 6500... 6600K is too expensive and 6400 is pretty much the same price.
Any ram will do, Crucial Ballistics will be fine.. I still believe 8GB are enough for low budget gaming...
Cooler Master G650 - semi modular, 80+ bronze... It's fine psu...
My advice:
Get this:
A-Data SP550 120GB... For OS and software, like browsers and players and stuff... Games can go on the hard drive...


It is much worse than 460, 950 or 1050... It's way way worse than 1050 specifically. Back in the day R7 260X was kicking it's ass, and 460 is pretty much near 270X...

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Well you'll probably want to start at an RX 470

and a 500B probably isn't the worst budget PSU

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A 260X was kicking a 750 Ti's butt? Never saw any benchmarks show this to this day, the 750 Ti was just barely under a normal 270 (not 270X) most of the time if anything. (I wonder if Gimpworks has anything to do with it, after all, Gimpworks tanked the 700 series).

The 750 Ti is about 50% worse than the RX 460 and GTX 950 (yeah, it's worse alright), the GTX 1050 was a very tiny jump in performance from the GTX 950 which was already trading blows with the 460, even the 1050 Ti fell short against an R9 380.

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I think you are looking at the wrong benchmarks...
260X was basically 2-3-5% behind 750Ti... Then 265 was annihilating 750Ti... Then 270 started beating 760 and the argument is already pointless...

370 is just 265...
No, 750Ti is old and weak. I know, I have stronger GPU that struggles a lot, so yeah. Even 460/1050 I would not recommend...
470 is available and is huge performance jump over everything under its level...

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Well, I can't argue against the RX 470, unless a 3 GB GTX 1060 is priced similarly, but idk if it's a good idea to only have 3 GB of VRAM with that performance. I actually use over 3 GB playing GTA V at 1080p Ultra (3.7 GB at 1440p Ultra).

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3GB 1060s baffle me, I'm pretty sure nvidia doesn't want to even sell them - they have 128 less cuda cores than the 6gb version so anyone who knows what they are doing should be jumping straight for the 6gb.


In many games the cheaper 470 is beating the 3GB 1060, not to mention the 3 gig 1060 is slower than the similarly priced 4 gig 480... It's absolutely pointless...
Well it's not pointless, since many people will buy it because it's Nvidia and no other reason...


a 4gb 470 or a 1050ti would be my recommendation for extreme budget build. a i5 6400 or 6500 no K+ the cheapest mobo you can get and 8 gb of ram should be fine. you dont really need 16 for games and unless you are video editing, only chrome will use up more then 8 and barely. m-atx is generally cheaper and you dont need a Z chipset as you wont be overclocking and cant afford the extra cooler/power requirements. you can also buy a old used pc and throw in a gpu

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