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Baptiste is so fun



With the recent death of Titanfall 1.0 I have been considering buying this.
What is the state of this game?

It is 20 bucks at Wal-mart so I might pick it up next week



For new Players it’s great. I have around 700 hours on it by now. It’s certainly got it’s Problems, but nothing that wouldn’t make it worth 20 bucks for someone wanting to get into it casually.

The ranking system is not great. It works, somewhat, but is heavily geared towards playtime. In like, from one Rank to another you need 500 Points. By playing above your rank well you can gain 20-30 an hour. So it’s a grind, even if you are well below where you deserve to be.
So, if you want to get into ranked play, you can at Level 25. Don’t do that. You’ll get ranked low and will spend a lot of time climbing as ranks don’t reset after Season ends.

The community can be toxic at times. Playing with overly aggressive or young people can be common if you go in alone. If it’s Quickplay, turn of voice chat and ignore the texts. In Competitive Play, having a group of 3-4 people you play with often helps.

Balance currently can be iffy. Blizzard is trying to balance the game for E-Sports Professionals. But they are playing a completely different game. Therefor heroes can be patched OP at times. No way around the fact that they design it as a team game, but the Quick Play reality is much less team play. That can be frustrating at times.

Overall, it’s a great game. It’s plenty diverse, has a fun artstyle and enough Modes to keep you entertained for quite some time. Loot Boxes are cosmetics only and there is no pay to win at all. Plus you can find a hero thats suits you well, even if you aren’t great at shooters. For 20 Bucks, you’ll get plenty of fun out of it.



I will defiantly buy now, my HD is pretty full but I can delete Battlefront 2 without affecting my life what so ever :slight_smile: