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oldie forgot to upload


I made a sport game reference




good doom

I killed them all


from a stream

W+M1 wins games
soldier on rio alto is fun

crashed into a ana like a truck

noh escape


what a barrage

winning a pharah 1v1

booping dvas


Prepare shot, have some luck, did it!


reminds me of this oldie


I should have got this instead of Battlerfront 1


no worries mate
blizz frequently does free weekends around holidays so you can still play. I’d get the $20 if you don’t need the skins/other goodies


So… snowball offensive is in the rotation and I am kinda good at it. And it only takes like 4 snowballs to get through ice walls…
Some people don´t know that, I think.




A little lesson in using a shield:
When getting shot at, make sure your shield covers you from potential damage without exposing you to even more damage.

And if nothing goes straight, go to the left, jump and then right again.


Baby’s first edited montage

Thoughts @kreestuh?

got inspired by @Big_Al_Tech’s edited montage frome






My best moment of our uni’s tourney


the biggest necro