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3v3 with Reinhardt, have an ult use an ult and…

Sometimes, I can make it look like I know what I am doing


hype new event


I wanted Luciobrawl ball!



i like playing lucio in dm
when you tilt people by playing lucio


oh hey this is a thread

an oldie but goldie for me. Tracer quintuple.

More recently a D.VA quintuple.



Oldie, pissed off a 6stack


Decisions were made


Guess bombs beat bullets in speed


Sometimes, I hit things^^



What’s everyone think of Brigitte? Not a big fan personally. I think her stun cooldown is too forgiving, she feels more like a dps than a support in some ways.


Healing for grouped up teams is nice, third hero to do that. Especially in teamfights, it grants an edge to grouped up teams. Ideal for point defense.
Attack damage is good.
Attack range is okay, a bit too wide for my liking. (could limit it to 3 or 4 enemies max prioritising heroes)

  • The shield is a bit on the strong side as it is deployed on an instant. (make it like police riot shields)
  • Knockback ability: 5/5
  • Healing ability: It heals one target, works. I hate the concept of bonus HP. It bricks the balance in nearly any game that does it including OW. Would like that to be removed.
  • Shield-dash stun: She has 200hp and 600hp shield, so what does she need any bonus mobility and stun for?

General opinion on recent developments:
Blizzard sucks so bad at balancing and staying true to their original plans that it feels like a circle of reworking. Change A leads to Change B leading to Change C causing Change A to break again…
Blizzard made a game appealing to casual players, now they tune it for the top 5% players. I don´t like that. Ruins the game for everyone.

The current OW has a lot less tactic and a lot more point-and-shoot to it compared to the initial version. I don´t like that. Makes it bland.


Agreed. I liked Moira’s release, I felt like she did pretty well at keeping herself/teammates up without feeling unkillable or messing with the games balance too much.

Brigitte feels way overtuned in comparison. She’s extremely hard to kill with the shield, knockback, stuns and armor. I’ve seen Brig slice through entire teams uncontested because she’s so hard to focus down quickly. “Just stay out of her range” only works with a handful of characters or maps as well.


I think the issue with her is that her swing has a radius so it is easier for her to slice through teams whereas Moria just has the single target clicklock.

Moria’s Launch
Moria’s launch was ok in 12mans(club pugs) and deathmatch was kinda annoying(but there were ways to deal with her). Her self heal and easy escape was annoying, but if you can those two abilities out then she was easier to deal with

Bridgette’s Launch and game
Bridgette’s launch in 12mans was just unfun, it tilted people so hard that the community coordinator had to ban her until she gets changes. In casual Bridgette makes Moria look bearable. Deathmatch is a pain with Bridgette if you don’t immediately burst her down, as she can immediately undo any damage with just a couple swings.


  • She has better options at defending herself
  • bad long range healer, but great close range healer and brawler

I think the issue is that she has both the long range boop and a close range stun. I suggest to make the long range boop a close range like lucio or make the cooldowns longer.

Bridgette and lucio are similar in that they are hard to dive/pick, but lucio has an emphasis on movement(uses his amp and wallride to escape) and Bridgette has an emphasis on sustain(using a shield/stun to outheal the damage)


I would rather keep the long range ability as is. The stun on the other hand is too powerful.
The dash can stay, the stun needs to be removed.
And reducing the shield in size and hitpoints is necessary imo.


The Genji flew too close to the sun, and what happened?

His wings melted off




Got a highlight for nothing:

And one for sneaking past and nuking the enemy:

I got the 100th post!