Overview request (GT 630 R2 GK208)

hey this new card came out in may and there is little to no information benchmark wise on the net (people still say that right?)


and it would be really neato if someone benchmarked it with 720p games and dolphin/PCSX2

nothing like crysis 3, you know, just shit you'd run on a 2 SMX card (portal 2, bastion, audiosurf

FPS and Tempurature benchs would be cool


"But gigabuster why would you want a tiny PCI-E 8x gimped GTX 650?"

because the things so tiny you can fit it in anything, and it uses 25w of power which meets the requirement of most all Thin mini ITX motherboards, whose 4x slots only provide 25w of power instead of the standard 75w

example of the motherboard



anyway if I either

  • win the lotto
  • make it big with my game

I'm going to trim the heatsink down a bit and with a PCI-E flex cable I intend on making my dream machine inside a SNES, and I figure this thing has to be better than HD 4000


last time i seen someone put a pc in a snes he had a hard enough time fitting the basics in, let alone a dedicated gpu

Well its a bit different but my GT630m is way better than HD4000 - and mine is only the 96 core edition.  That card should be fine for low end games I would think.

well I'm taking off the rear plate and trimming the heatsink to the height of the DVI port without the plate so I think I can spare a 1/4 inch of horizontal space

reapplying it with ICdiamond paste, the thing shouldn't need too much thermal regulation I mean its 25w

The card looks like a 620 [memory is 64 bit GDDR3] mated with a 640 non oem[ 900/1800 and 384 cuda cores]. it might just depend how usefull the extra cuda cores are in gaming. 

as long as it plays 2-4K PCSX2 games with no AA (AA breaks some games and 2K internal Resolution accomplishes the same thing) and full texture filtering, some of my indie games I play I'll be happy but I'd really like to know the Temps is the main thing, its going to be toasty in there with no airflow and a 65w Ivy chip