Overlay Networks, how to defend against this type of attack?

Please help me figure out how to stop a persistent and aggressive threat against my network and systems. I have done nothing that I’m aware of to attract such malicious attention and everything I know how to do to stop these attacks. However, it seems like no more than an inconvenience to whomever is behind it all.

@get_schwifty01 I would ask a moderator to repost your post in the Network category. I would do for you if I had access, but I don’t. Also, I would change your flags. For example, instead of the recommendation flag, I would use the help desk flag. I would also list the steps you took to stop the persistent attack you are facing. I would also mention the make and model of the router you are using. Knowing your router’s make and model will help the person helping you figure out what types of attacks your router is susceptible to being unsecured and therefore figure out the best advice.

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Sound advice, thx.