Overheating server

so i bought a old 1u rackserver for making a pfsense firewall but when i got it i notice it shutdown cause of overheating im not sure what i can do about it like... its is build standard i did change thermal paste on it .. and it did help for like 1 min more before it shutdown of the heat.. the cpu is a amd opteron 146 and it runs like over 60 i think and the overheat protection is set something like 75 ... so not sure what to do actually anyone got any advice? i dont want to buy new things : ( hehe

Usually for rack servers are built in mind that you will have external a/c (cold air supplied on the front of the server side.) The best way to have it running is to make a pipe from the back and push the hot air through it outside of your room-possible house/datacenter. Change fans for louder ;P - just kidding for faster ones.

But yes, not much that can be done - unless you want to spend some cash on custom watercooling system

yea no not really want to spend more money and yeah its pretty hot in my room but still ;( hehe i maybe can test some ways of position the fan lol and like throw it in some cooler room

build a pipe for exhaust and direct the hot air outside - really helps 100x

(even cardboard one haha)

lol yeah... it have a pipe inside that direct air to the cpu but it dont seem that effective -.-" and lol that delta fan sounds really nice when on 5000rpm

Are the heatsinks attached properly? not just the CPU heatsink but others on the board like the northbridge? Where I work there was (well, it's still there) this crappy old server where the northbridge heatsink had broken off from the motherboard. I tried to clean it up but the thermal paste was burnt on to the chip, so I put some more on and placed (not actually attached to anything) the heatsink on top of the chip. The thing still runs, even in summer but it's loud as hell. I don't think anyone wants to spend any money on it until it actually catches on fire but it's not my problem.

Anyway, point is that it shouldn't crash like that even in relatively high ambient temperatures unless something is wrong with it.

yeah okey cause i have it in my room the owner before me had it in some cold basement so yeah... idk i should check that i dont think it had any heatsink on the other chips at all i did replace the cpu thermal paste so the main copper heatsink seems to be okey i guess atleast


oh well okey it was one with a tiny green heatsink its uses those plastic things to hold it so i guess its kinda okey from factory?

okey so none of the other chips felt super hot execpt the broadcom one that one hurted so i wonder if that may be something

Nay, nothing is wrong - Thats how they heat up - mean rack servers -

They are made for passive cooling - push the air (already cold air) from front to back - Seriously not something you should keep in a normal room. Its going to heat up and shut down. Once 1 A/C failed in one of my companies datacenter - servers near started dying... and then months of issues - hardware dying because of this.

hmm okey well damn it haha i guess i should buy a passive rack instead like intel atom ... well i thought i could buy a cheap pfsense box

It could be a number of things. Were you able to get a board temp? If not try Speccy it gets a lot of stats and temperatures. Only thing I can think of is bad airflow. Are all the fans present and functioning properly? I know my 3U server has nine fans installed and it is LOUD. If I remove a fan a certain part on the board begins to heat up.

Other then that only thing I can think of is a high ambient heat outside the server. Machines today are able to handle about 70F ambient heat (Temp outside the server). Source Also have my own servers I care for both at my workplace and at home.


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try this

That made me laugh, a motored vehicle radiator. That would keep it cool!

well nomaran its only one fan pushing air from the front to back .. and i have only minimal bsd installation on it so not sure if speccy exist and if i even get that far without it shutingdown

I understand that rack servers are meant to be in a temperature controlled environment, but they're usually in a box with a dozen other servers. Just a single server should be fine in a normal room just like any other computer. There is something physically wrong with it if it's crashing right after it's turned on from overheating. Try taking the lid off and using a 120mm fan on the main heatsink, if it still crashes you'll know it's not an airflow problem.

i have done that and it dont crash actually so im like ?! it cant really be THAT hot in here and i talked with the one i bought it from he said it sounded abit strange i mean i know its meant for data centers but seriously i seen many have atleast some servers home..