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Overcoming RSI/voice programming



Hi guys. A couple months back I came down with the cubital tunnel in my left arm. A few weeks after that I came down the cubital tunnel in my right arm. At first I tried to ignore it, but obviously that didn't work. I saw a physical therapist who gave me some exercises to do and they have been helpful in reducing the pain, but unfortunately it's gotten worse to the point where I can't really type much anymore. Being the CS student, this is seriously disheartening. I love to program, play piano, and play video games but I can't do any of these things anymore. I've decided that the only way this thing is gonna heal is if I use my arms as little as possible. Recently I purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and it seems to work reasonably well for writing and browsing the web, and I even used it to type this post. However, I'd like to learn how to program with it. Does anyone have any experience with programming with speech recognition software? If so I'd love to hear.

Also, does anyone have experience with overcoming cubital tunnel in general? This is something I really need to figure out because I haven't even started my career yet and I'm already hampered with repetitive stress injuries.


That's the worst way to fix it.

Early 20s? If so, take a break from the computer for a bit and make sure you've got good posture when you're working on your laptop. Don't slouch, don't lay in bed typing, that sort of thing. It's really helped me. You're too young to have chronic RSI. Another thing that's helped me is working out. If you exercise your body, you don't come down with RSI as easily, I've found. I've found that back and keyboard position are the two most important things when it comes to RSI.

I don't. Sorry, just thought I'd give you a bit of non-doctor advice on what's helped me not be affected by RSI.


I have had similar, less severe problems with Carpal Tunnel, bit different but same cause.

I also have experience programming speech recognition software with C#, in the Microsoft Speech.Recognition reference. And also using the Web Speech API, which is just JavaScript.

I haven't heart of Dragon NaturallySpeaking but it's paid so I won't try it.

Good luck, also just take a break from computers in general. This really helped me and tbh I think it was more psychological than actually physically helpful (although it did help).


A little of both. Sitting on your ass doesn't help. I get out and hike or work on cars or whatever and I feel much better.


Well it's gotten worse. Seem to have developed bilateral carpal tunnel as well. Seeing the doctor next week to figure out what the hell's going on.


That's going to be the best thing for you. A doctor can give you definitive methods to fix it.

Good luck!