Hey everyone, I was just thinking about how the 'boost clock' on Intel CPUs only overclocks one core. But is this the same with overclocking manually? Do all methods of overclocking (ie. Changing multiplier and core frequencies etc.) still OC all cores?



Normal overclocking does overclock every core. But some people do deactivate some cores to do higher overclocks for shits, giggles and records.  

Overclocking on an Intel z87/z97 platform can do a number of fancy things. 

You can overclock all cores, like traditionally we have done.

You can overclock 1 or 2 cores higher than the other 2 cores for faster single threaded performance/efficiency and lower thermals---and perhaps pushing a higher overclock than you could have achieved on all 4 cores

 You can physically disable 1 or more cores to try and increase clock speed/lower thermals for record breaking single core numbers

You can overclock to a point, and then keep Turbo on so that it can intelligently clock further

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