Overclocking too easy? What I am missing?

You know what's funny? I have an ASUS 287-PLUS with AI suite 3 & I tried the 4 way optimization & it overclocked my cpu to 4.6 ghz for me. Obviously I don't have adequate cooling so I had to underclock the overclock lol

No one has really answered my question though. Is it worth it to overclock the cache or the bus speed? Or some other thing that I don't know about?

i cant believe you got this, You must be the only person with a flat ihs on their i5 or i7

You shouldn't use Prime95 on the Haswell chips. Very bad idea.

And I hope you turned off adaptive power when you tested it

as for the bus speed, absolutely! thats how alot of people oc their oem pc's

Okay I'll try bumping the bus speed up later!& Flat ihs? You mean the lid of the CPU?

I bet I'm not getting accurate temps, there's no way I got a god like chip. I'll post benchmarks in the future when I finally get my hands on an h100i closed loop, there's really no way to tell if this chip has potential because I don't wanna fry my cpu or mobo atm hahaha


Agreed. Use AIDA 64

Again, don't use Prime 95 for Haswell or Ivy Bridge. Upgrade to AIDA 64