Overclocking too easy? What I am missing?

Okay first off I'm not being a jackass saying overclocking is easy. It's just that this is the first CPU I've been overclocking, that's all.

So I have an i5-4670k overclocked to 4.4 ghz on stock voltage, 1.25 volts. I know I can get more but since I only have the stock cooler right now I don't want my temps to get to high. 

But I mean... that was so easy... I turned off the turbo boost & set the CPU multiplier & set the voltage... What else are you supposed to do? Or is it really that easy? 

Are you supposed to overclock the bus speed, or does that not really improve performance?

Thanks in advance!

It is never a good idea to overclock on a stock Intel cooler... What are your temps?

Is it stable? Did you do a stress test?

Overclocking really can be pretty simple. While it does have sort of the enthusiast stigma about it, it really isn't that difficult.


Hovers right around 60 on a prime 95 stress test. I tested it for about a half hour straight with prime 95 running. Haven't had have any issues with it overclocked for about 3 weeks now.

Well, you certainly make it sound easy. If you didn't blue screen you didn't try hard enough! I thought Haswell was supposed to run hotter then hell?! 60 sounds kickass for any cpu.

especially w the intel stock cooler which fails to cool most of them at stock speeds under heavy load

well, more or less that's everything, i'm thinking you're just surprised that you got that that good of an overclock "that easy", sounds like one hell of a chip, get a custom loop on that bitch and go for a record

I don't think Prime95 is the greatest program for testing Haswell chips.  Haswell throttles like no other.

Play games, and check the temps using a program like Realtemp.

Any other programs you suggest?

Hahahahaha I gottta save up some money but how funny would that be, my first chip a record winner lmao

Intel has blessed me lol

HWmonitor is a good program for monitoring cpu temps

Intel Burn test but I'd run Prime95 for 6 or more hours before i call it stable


6 hours?! jesus why that long? I don't think there is a program on this planet that could run you're cpu at 100% for that long

maybe bf4... hahahaha

oh trust me its better to test it to the limit so in the real world youll be really stable


I ran my fx 6300 at 4.1 ghz for 6+ hours and without throttling


Only then will you be sure that you are really stable

It's as easy as that. It can still be a pain to tweak voltages and other settings in the BIOS, but ever since netburst died it's so much easier. Actually ever since the first core i7 bloomfields, there's much less settings needed to be changed to get a stable high overclock.

You know the funniest part is you can even get lucky with a software OC, which is pretty much the same thing except automated. In 2 clicks, it's that easy.

Real men OC in the BIOS.

"lucky" being the key term, as the other 95% of the time it'll either be a pathetic bump or horribly unstable

OC software like gigabyte's or asus's are pretty safe, and thus most of the time you get a lower OC in auto. I've tried AISUITE for this i7, I get 3.95. which is 55mhz faster than the turbo clock and it just bumped the blck a bit.

In the BIOS I got 4.28 stable after messing around 4.35 and finding it too hot (bclk oc is hotter than changing a multiplier in a 4770k, but then again there's some unlucky 4770k cpus that don't oc much at all).

Hmmm. I understand what you are saying, but I've played bf4 for 8 hours straight & haven't had any issues. So for my needs I'm stable.