Overclocking Through Movember

Will anyone from the team be participating in Movember in any way?

I just imagined Logan with a dastardly mustache making a video about why we should all migrate to apple computers.

Pistol with a mustache would be even better.

And I am wondering if at any point there will be a video about overclocking using a Gigabyte Motherboard and an AMD CPU?

Through all my researching, I haven't seen anyone really do this yet and I'd rather see someone do it to gain the knowledge I want before I try.

And Finally, can we have a forum thread for conspiracy theory's about Wendle being Gabe newel? I'm sure people could come up with some pretty neato stories.


+1 for migrating to Macs, Pistol with a sketchy beard during movember and wendell-newell conspiracies!

also, an overclocking tutorial would be great, or some sort of 101 about all the different settings and what they mean

Agreed. I enjoy the depth that they go to with explaining things, and since I'm running a nice little Gigabyte Mobo, there isn't all that much info about how to overclock an FX 8350 on it, or even anything else on the internet that gives me enough thorough info and explanation that it would be usable to me. Maybe I'm just really thick.

I recently have grown a modest beard for myself. However, I don't support the big cancer charities but will still be sporting my beard and willing to talk to people about the disproportionate fundraising and awareness raised for breast cancer compared to prostate cancer. Breasts are sexy, a walnut shaped gland hugging your pee tube isn't... 

I have the Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 rev 1.1 with Fx-8350 @ 4.7ghz 1.48v. I've helped a few other peeps out on here with OC'ing their FX CPU's. Maybe I should put together a little guide on what I know? 

XD not a pro here by ANY MEANS, but my OC is stable, as are the ones I've done for others. 

If you throw together a guide, i'd gladly take a look, I'm currently getting myself a noctua CPU cooler as the standard 8350 Black edition cooler is unacceptably loud.

As someone who has a family history of cancer, getting as close as to my father, I do think Movember is a quite decent charity. Though, I can totally see where you are coming from, and I can respect your opinions on fundraising.

i'm donating processing power.

[email protected] high five.

I'm sorry about your father, cancer is also rampant in my family (both grandfathers died from cancer, 1 grandmother with cancer, 1 aunt, 1 uncle and 1 cousin with non-hodgkins lymphoma, etc). 

I think that the awareness that movember raises is good, but as someone who works in the healthcare field, I can tell you that of any monies raised, very little actually makes it into research or to benefit cancer patients. So much money is wasted on CEO/executives and advertising. 

That being said, I urge all MEN over 30 (myself included) to get a prostate exam. There is no reason why it shouldn't be part of a yearly checkup for all dudes, especially with a familial history of cancer/prostate cancer.