Overclocking the AMD A10 6800k

Hello there,


I will be buying a "secondary" rig for myself soon and I'm not really familiar with the A series CPU's from AMD so I'm really curious how the overclocking looks on them. I would also think about overclocking the integrated graphics.

So could anyone tell me what the safe limit is?

 My cooler will be: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro V2

I'm not terribly sure myself. I"ve only had some breif experience overclocking Trinity (I've built 2 rigs with AMD A8-5600k, only tried OCing 1 w/ stock cooling and lowered fan speed). I know getting accurate temperature readings can be funky. Use GPU-z to get temps.

In the reviews I've seen it seems about 4.2GHz 4.4GHz is the limit, but the catch is most of them use STOCK cooling. Also, those OC's were obtained WITHOUT voltage adjustments. However 4.6GHz was fine after using the Bulldozer stock cooler. You should be able to do a little better with the Freezer 7.

Also, if you're going to use the iGPU, OC that first. That's definitely going impact gaming performance more than the CPU. It seems the limit is about 1GHz, but again, on stock cooling. You should be able to push it a little more.

And one last things, these numbers were for Trinity. Richland is a refined version, you may even some more headroom in addition to what a better cooler would provide.

The A10 6800 is 4.1Ghz stock and 4.4Ghz with turbo so my guess is that the limit is a bit higher with the Richland series CPU's...

Yeah I'm still researching this for my build. Been searching google but there's actually not much out there in detail. Really want to know how high someone has pushed the IGPU. I plan on showing results on my build once I get around to putting it together.

That cooler isn't going to allow for jack squat of an overclock with an A10-6800k. You need at least a H80/H80i to be able to overclock both the CPU and GPU at the same time with the A10-6800k. If you want to keep everything cool, that is.

About 1050 MHz on the GPU and 4.9GHz-5.0GHz on the CPU. That is about average of what I've been seeing from reviewers from the A10-6800k, the ones who actually take time to overclock the thing.

As far as RAM is concerned I would get yourself a really low memory timings set of 2133 MHz and run the memory controller at 2400 MHz. It makes the RAM's write speed skyrocket. Keep in mind you may need to play with the timings a bit but its definitely worth the effort and you can run more than just 8GB if you are using a single dual channel.