Overclocking Temp questions

Hey people, this is my first overclock so im a newb at this, ive overclocked my  cpu (amd fx4100) in my build in my profile, to 4.2Ghz and the temps are 16c, (36c at max) each core, is this ok?

- what is the max temps i should be getting scared?

- Do i count all the cores as a whole when speaking about temps?

- are there any special ways to apply thermal paste? (besides the way logan does it :P)

When you're testing your stability and temps, make sure you're using Prime95 for long amounts of time. Some people say 12 hours, some say 24. I try and do at least 6 and more if I have that kind of free time.

Your temperatures there are great, my CPU right now, not under load, is at 40c because I live in Australia, it's 5 am and it's 30c outside. Yeah. It's damn hot.

Most CPUs are rated around 100c, higher than that and you could have big problems. If I'm overclocking hugely I generally like to see my CPU get to about 60-70c under load.

I'm actually not sure about the individual cores vs overall, I just tend to watch out for the hottest cores.

There are no special ways to apply thermal paste that I know of. There's the correct way and there's the wrong way.

I hope I've helped you in some way here.

THANKS A BUNCH, you help me out so much man!!! happy face lol, i just hope anyone can answer my indivisual core questions.

If you want to check if your OC ir fine, run wPrime 32M. It will crash really fast if you have a bad setting.

Then when this works, run Prime95 (64-bit version) a few hours (at least 4-5). Temps under 80c when testing with Prime are fine as long as you don't do folding. If you do or plan to do, drop that back to 60c.