Overclocking slows my PC

I've got a really weird problem , 2 days ago I've built my new rig and it booted up perfectly , I had some AMD driver problems and solved on my own but one remained , everytime I tried to overclock my CPU , even by 100mhz my system's performance dropped a lot , Aero disabled automatically and had huge framerate drops in games (from 100/110 in BF 4 to 15/20) and then went up again , this happened every 5 seconds or so . This happened in Windows 7 , now I installed Windows 10 to see if anything changes and when I try to overclock (in the OS not in BIOS) my system just freezes for about 15 seconds and then reboots , so since overclocking in Windows wasn't going to happen I tried overclocking in BIOS but even so the story would repeat again and the PC wouldn't boot at all so I had to reset everything to default . This is very weird because even with the slightest increase in clock speeds the system just refuses to work . Does anyone have an idea of what should I do or what the cause of the problem is ?


Specs - CPU: AMD FX6300

             GPU: AMD R9 290

            Motherboard : Gigabyte 970A-UD3P

            PSU: Corsair VS650

            RAM: 8GB Hyper X Fury 1866 Mhz

            Cooler : Xigmatek SD1283


Do not overclock CPU unless you are in bios. THose programs can do some funky things. Not familiar with AMD but if I were you I would be keeping an eye on temps. Might be throttling. If anything, add more voltage. Not sure on safe ranges for that cpu. 

I've tried overclocking in BIOS , but even if I go up by 100Mhz my PC won't boot, the temps are really good , in the 40's Celsius after 1/2 hours of gaming , I'll try increasing the voltage a little and see what happens .

Solved it , my voltage was so low that even a 100Mhz OC would crash my pc, now i've set it to 1.35v and it goes up to 4.4Ghz with temperatures still in the low 40's