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Overclocking Ryzen with non-Windows software


I have a Ryzen 1700 that came in a pre-built. It overclocks to 3.7GHz with Ryzen Master and no voltage tweaks. However, the BIOS on this thing is locked down. Is there any way to overclock it with software outside of Windows-land?


The BIOS is locked down?

  • Have you tried updating the UEFI?
  • What mobo do you have?


It’s a Dell X370 motherboard. I’m not sure if Dell outsourced the mobo from a Taiwanese OEM, or if it’s an inside job. I updated the UEFI as soon as I got it, no change.

Details here: ESXi 6.5 w/ GPU passthrough on AMD Dell gaming desktop


Well, there’s your problem.


If anyone ever stumbles across this, I found a solution here:


I have seen what happens when someone goes into a Linux forum and asks, “How do I overclock this thing”.