Overclocking Radeon HD 7950

is it possible to overclock this GPU with this build?

and does it matter what kind of build you have for overclocking a GPU?
and does it gaine any useful performance ?


The overclocking capability can be determined by the motherboard chipset. You have a 990FX chipset, so that won't be an issue.

The main thing that concerns me, is the CX500 PSU. I think this is close to your limitations. I would recommend the XFX 550W Bronze 80+ rated power supply. It is a quality PSU, and 550W will be enough for overclocking your system.

thanks for your help and time

As Berserker said, get a 550W to be safe. The cooler on that card looks bulky enough that you can probably squeeze a decent OC out of it, just don't leave the fans to run off stock specs. Set a custom fan curve so that you can keep temps in check. Your worst case scenerio is you end up with a voltage locked card and you can only OC to 1000Mhz.