Overclocking Problems

Hi all,

So quite recently I have attempted to overclock some of my PC parts, I started with the GPU an GTX 760 Direct CU2 and it went without a hitch and was happy with the results, so that was fine. Next I decided to do the CPU, an FX 8320, I have heard that the FX CPU's can be overclocked well due to the unlocked multiplier so using AMD's Overdrive Software I bumped up the multiplier increments at a time (Sorry, cannot remember how far I went) but after each stage I ran the stability tests for around 30 mins and temps were fine and nothing unusual came up, however whenever I got into a game there would be a lot of flickering and sudden camera movements, screen tears etc. I really want to know what the problem is as I really want to OC and did it before on a Athlon x2 245 without a hitch using Asrocks OC tuner with the mobo.

I hope you have suggestions and explanations and if I have done something wrong I would like to know what and how to OC properly with this chip.

P.S. I use a asus m5a99fx mobo and the stock cooler.

Hope to see you down below :)

Using software to overclock CPU is never recommended, do it using the bios instead. If you don't know how to do that, there's plenty of guides available through your favourite search engine.

I don't know if that's what causes the issues in games, but try that first. Also enable vsync in games and it should eliminate screen tearing.

I have found that using the BIOS for overclocking provides more... Reliable results.

I would also like to point out that with a stock cooler there is not much room for overclocking... Maybe your cpu was throtteling because of the heat?

Thanks for the quick response.

I will have a look into BIOS overclocking and see how to do it.

However I do believe V-sync is turned on but I don't think its the cause as it happens in the opening cutscenes, eg, EA sports intro, Crytek Intro.

Ill keep digging :)

I do believe that I do need a 'unstock' cooler and that is what I did on my Athlon but I want to make sure OCing won't provide problems before I get one. Which is why when I first encountered the problems I moved the multiplier back down to normal plus 1 increment. However I will try BIOS overclocking.

One thing to add. Did you stress test the gpu with synthetics, but not test games, as you were overclocking the gpu? I've had weird issues with my gpu (HD 7870 GHz Edition) where the synthetics were fine, but when I got in game I had some weird graphical problems. Maybe try going back a bit with the overclock of the gpu since it seems that you're having issues with visuals and not the actual processing of data.

I didn't so much as stress test my GPU, I just benchmarked it with GPU-Z running, It may be a bad habit but I was fine.

I do see your point and may try OC the CPU with the GPU at default.

Also quick question whats synthetic stress tests?

Synthetic would be something like Furmark, MSI Kombustor, OCCT GPU test, etc. It artificially puts your gpu up to full load to stress it thermally(mostly) and OCCT GPU test checks for errors as well. It puts your card into a non-real-world situation which may be a good thing (shows the true limit of the card) or a bad thing (it doesn't represent actual load to a card and thus won't necessarily give you the same results as running a game will). This happened to me where my 7870 passed a Furmark burn-in and and OCCT error testing, but when I ran Saints Row 3 my card was giving odd graphical errors.

I have to say that I think that it was my GPU OC as I decided to set it to default and when I bumped up the CPU OC by 0.5x it was fine in game and after stability tests etc. I did use software for this but over the weekend I will definately check out and try BIOS OC as I have heard its better from other forums,

So overall I'd like to say thanks I will look back at this thread as reference on what to do and a new cooler is on the way but again I can't thank you all enough.

This is why this is my fave forum :)

Glad I could help give back. I got a ton of help here when I started out doing this stuff as well (and still get help when I'm not sure what's going on ;) ) and its nice to be able to give that help back to the community.