Overclocking on a laptop

I have an Optimus IV from PCSpecialist.co.uk

GPU: GeForce GTX 660m

Motherboard: CLEVO CO. W35_37ET


Okay ive been running alot of benchmarks and my graficscard isnt going over 50-55 degrees C. The catch is that the motherboard is going up to 80 degrees C. And I dont know what kinda features or possibilities i have with it so could anyone tell me whats safe with these particular parts.Its a laptop so degrees does not only affect the part thats overclocked so keep that in mind, thanks.

What I have always heard....Do not overclock laptops.

I'd recomend a custom cooler that pulls air out of the heatsink if you're overclocking, but if you just want to OC as it is, anything bellow 80°C is good for most laptops. My laptop's GPU used to run at 90°C, then I made a custom cooler using xbox fan, now it's 56°C.

It's the temperature change that kills components, not the 90°C+ heat, so I'd strongly recommend a custom cooling solution to minimize the temerature change.