Overclocking motherboards

I am looking for a good overclocking am3+ motherboard that has SLI/CrossfireX capabilities, but does not come with a 200 USD price.


Will do the job for sure and doesn't cost the Earth.

Nice heatsinks on the VRMS, full SLI/Xfire, and has a 6+2 power phase which is better than the 4+1 on similarly priced competitors.

This board will do a good enough job of overclocks that aren't too hardcore.

Right now I have a 4.3GHz on a FX-6300, would the 6+2 power allow me to go beyoud that? 

Gigabyte GA-970-UD3

only 100 bucks

has a good 8+2 power phase for overclocking

though there are some downsides such as no support for SLI/Xfire

On a 6300 I'm pretty sure you could go well beyond where you are at now.

It tends to grow unstable when I push it any harder. I'm guessing it's a 970 chipset issue

Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0  also has 6+2 power phase but asus  power phases are quality. Logan clocked the FX8350 at 5 GHZ without any problems on that board.

wenn you have a 6+2 power phase mobo from asus, then you must have a evo R2.0

but remeber 4.3 ghz oc on the fx6300 is a 700 mhz oc allready.. wenn it goes unstable, there maybe some other bottleneck somewhere.. did you disable turbo mode?

Yes I did, and it did not fail the burn in tests just the speed did not stay at the overclock.

Ah, as in it was throttling? Is cool'n'quiet still on? What about the other advanced bios settings?

Check this guide:


It is pretty helpful if you are on an ASUS board.

I make sure to turn all motherboard bloatware. My GPU and motherboard does not like me touching the NB clock